Epic Looking To Link Fortnite Accounts Together

Now that Sony has finally come on board and allowed cross-play for Fortnite on the PS4, it means that the game is now playable across multiple platforms where players can also play together. Sounds good, right? Now it looks like Epic wants to take things to the next level by merging accounts together.

Announced on Twitter, it seems like Epic wants to link all your Fortnite accounts into one single account. This will combine all your purchases under a single account, as opposed to having multiple accounts across multiple platforms. This means that if you have separate accounts for the PC, mobile, Switch, or Xbox One, you can soon put them all together under a single umbrella which should make account management easier.

1) An account-merging feature to combine Battle Royale purchases, coming in November.

2) Enabling unlinking a console from one Fortnite account, and relinking to another Fortnite account. Coming in a few days.

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) September 26, 2018

While Epic does not come right out and say it, it seems that this change is now possible thanks to Sony,

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