Apple Patent Suggests At Improvements To The Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil together with the iPad Pro have been lauded by creative professionals as being the perfect tool that allows them to draw and take notes on the go, thanks largely to the iPad Pro’s display which offers a fast refresh rate, and the Apple Pencil that has multiple pressure points and also a very low latency.

This does not mean that things could not be improved upon, and that’s something that Apple could be exploring thanks to recently discovered patents (via AppleInsider) which reveals that Apple is exploring ways to improve the Apple Pencil. One of those ways explored in the patent involves the use of ultrasonic transducers which will help to detect more accurate movements.

The patent also talks about how determining the grip of the Apple Pencil will let the system know if the user is left or right handed, which can also help with palm detection/rejection. So far Apple hasn’t really made any changes to the Apple Pencil since it was first introduced, but like we said we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple was already exploring ways to improve it.

Perhaps a better way of charging it instead of sticking it into the Lightning port of the iPad could be a good place to start.

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