5 Websites to Find Weird, Cool, or Discounted Amazon Products

Everyone tries to sell their products on Amazon, so it’s no surprise when a few items go under your radar. But once you know where to look, you can always find the weirdest, coolest, best, or even the most discounted products on Amazon.

Right now, Amazon’s database is so huge that it feels cluttered, and you need different clutter-free websites to browse the catalog. You essentially need to change the interface, ditching the regular Amazon site for something new. Whether that new interface is by Amazon itself or a third-party, it’s a good way to uncover products that you don’t easily see otherwise.

Amazon Scout (Web): Made by Amazon, for Recommendations Based on Likes

Amazon Scout is a pinterest-like recommendation system for likes and dislikes

You know how this works with other sites now. You press a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down icon to show if you like or dislike something. Based on that, a smart algorithm shows other things you might like. It’s how Netflix knows what you want to watch, and Amazon is now using it to show you products you might like.

A new site, Amazon Scout, uses the like-dislike mechanism to figure out which kind of items you like in your home.

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