Fortnite For Android Now Open To All

Fortnite launching on Android was only a matter of time following the release on iOS. However its availability was a bit tricky as Epic had made the game’s initial release an invite-only thing, meaning that users had to be invited to take part in the beta in order to get their hands on it, but the good news is that things have changed since.

Epic has since removed the need for an invite, thus making the game available to all Android users as long as they have a compatible Android smartphone that can run the game. However note that Fortnite will not be available via Google Play, in case you might have forgotten, Instead Epic had opted to make the game directly downloadable from its website.

It is understandable why Epic has opted to go about it this way. After all with reports that the game was pulling in $2 million a day on iOS, we’re sure that Epic would prefer if they were able to keep all that money to themselves instead of having to pay a cut to Apple and Google, with Android offering an easier workaround compared to iOS.

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