How to Find the Perfect Note-Taking App With This Checklist

If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of note-taking apps available to you and are struggling to make a choice, you’re not alone.

The solution lies in beginning your search with a checklist of the must-haves and nice-to-haves that you’re looking for. It’s what I did after my favorite note-taking app Letterspace slid into oblivion and I wanted a new one to replace it.

Now let’s see what exactly should go on such a checklist by asking the right questions.

1. How Does Your Brain Work?


Does your brain see the world as a colorful map of objects interlinked in unusual ways? Or does it slice and dice everything into neat little categories? Perhaps it likes to line up information in serial, logical order.

Now try comparing that to the way note-taking apps handle information. Does your brain work like the mind-mapping app Mindmeister? Does it take a top-down approach to ideas like Gingko? Instead, it might prefer a linear arrangement of ideas like Simplenote does or a Post-it-style one à la Google Keep.

The idea here is to get an app that replicates the format in which your brain gathers ideas and information.

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