Facebook Watch Party Live For Everyone Today

The Watch Party feature arrived on Facebook earlier this year. The feature allows users to watch videos online simultaneously. It was initially only available within Groups but that’s changing today. Facebook is now rolling out Watch Party to all pages and profiles across the globe.

When the feature was launched, Facebook said that the idea behind it was to create an experience that brings people closer together and inspires human connection “instead of passive consumption.”

Facebook revealed today that more than 12 million Watch Parties in Groups have been launched ever since the feature arrived in January this year. It has encouraged active participation among the Groups as users posted eight times more comments than non-live videos in Groups.

Some improvements have also been made to this feature such as threaded comments, this will enable users to have conversations aside from commenting live. It’s also possible to schedule a Watch Party ahead of time now.

Starting today, all pages and profiles on Facebook across the globe will be able to use the Watch Party feature to watch videos simultaneously with other users online. It may take a couple of days for the feat

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