The 12 Best Period Dramas to Watch on Netflix


People love a good period drama. The most recent mega-successful example of the genre is Downton Abbey, which has captivated British and American audiences alike.

However, Downton Abbey is far from the only period drama worth watching. And, as it’s only available on Netflix in Canada, Australia, and Japan, you’ll probably want to know what other period dramas are out there.

Here’s our list of the best period dramas available to watch on Netflix right now.

1. The Duchess

The Duchess is a 2008 drama about English aristocrat Georgiana Cavendish, the Duchess of Devonshire. Keira Knightley takes the lead role. She is ably supported by Ralph Fiennes, Hayley Atwell, Charlotte Rampling, and Dominic Cooper.

The plot takes you on a journey through the Duchess’ loveless marriage, the sexual double-standards of the time, and the poor treatment of women in the 18th century.

2. The Crown

The Crown is one of the best Netflix originals. It tells the story of the life of current British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. The first season starts in 1947 when Elizabeth marries Prince Philip and ends with Princess Margaret’s engagement to Peter Townsend in 1955.

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