As more self-driving technology launches, people are growing more anxious about the supposed benefits

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  • Self-driving cars are supposed to be safer than our current deadly streets — but reporting on the small number of autonomous crashes has consumers worried.
  • A new report from the consulting firm Deloitte shows worries ticked up in 2019 compared to the previous years. 
  • The authors say regulation will be key to assuaging fears and catalyzing mass adoption. 

More self-driving cars than ever before are hitting the roads. But while their rollout has plenty of people excited about the autonomous future, some people need a little more convincing, according to new research from the consulting firm Deloitte.

For the past three years, the firm has surveyed more than 25,000 people in 20 countries about their views on autonomous vehicles. In a few major countries, including the United States, Germany, and India, the fraction of people who say self-driving cars won’t be safe bucked the trend and increased in 2019.

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That’s not good news for the companies racing to put their self-driving cars on the roads. So far, only Alphabet’s Waymo has launched a commercial service, and even that still requires human safety drivers to monitor for any glitches.

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