Samsung just announced a phone with 1TB of built-in storage

Word around the rumor mill suggested Samsung was about to announce a phone with a ridiculous one terabyte of storage built right in, and sure enough: it did.

Samsung announced four different variations of the Galaxy S10 today — the S10e, the S10, the S10+, and the S10 5G. That third one, the S10+, is the one that can come with 1TB of internal storage.

I say “can”, here, because even after you choose between the four aforementioned S10 variations, you’ve got choices. The S10+ comes with three different storage options: 128GB (with 8GB of RAM), 512GB (also with 8GB of RAM), or one terabyte (with a sufficiently wild 12GB of RAM).

Oh, and it has a microSD slot that supports up to 512GB of additional space if carrying around 1TB of data in your pocket isn’t (stressful) enough.

Here’s the rest of the specs:

  • 6.4″ Quad HD Curved AMOLED display
  • Ultrasonic, in-display fingerprint sensor
  • Three cameras on the rear: a 12MP Telephoto lens, a 12MP dual pixel lens, and a 16MP ultra wide lens
  • Two cameras on the front: one 10MP dual pixel lens,

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