Industry veteran Jade Raymond is in charge of turning Google into a major video game publisher — and that has huge ramifications (GOOG, GOOGL)

Jade Raymond Stadia

  • On Tuesday, Google announced Stadia, a new video game streaming service that could usher in a new era of cloud-based gaming. 
  • Jade Raymond, who Google recently hired as a vice president, will be leading the in-house teams creating games specifically for Stadia. 
  • With Raymond, Google has a seasoned industry veteran at the helm — and also makes a powerful statement in an industry with a well-earned reputation as being toxic to women. 

In Tuesday, Google announced its huge new push into gaming: a streaming service called Stadia, which it promises will bring high-quality games to just about any device. 

And in the last minutes of its hour-long keynote came its final big reveal: Jade Raymond, a long-time industry veteran, will be leading Stadia Games and Entertainment — a division that will create games and other experiences specifically for the service. 

News that Google had hired Raymond came out last week, though no one knew then what exactly she’d be doing for the search giant. She’ll be working with Google VP Phil Harrison, who has stints with PlayStation and Xbox under his belt.

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