Amazon’s New Fire 7 Tablet Get More Speed Without A Price Bump

Amazon has updated its entry-level Fire 7 tablet today. The new model brings more storage space and it’s also faster than its predecessors. The good thing about this refresh is that Amazon isn’t increased the prices. Everything else about the tablet remains the same as well.

According to Amazon, the Fire 7 tablet still has a 1.3GHz quad-core processor but there’s more memory bandwidth. This should bring about a slight improvement in the speed. There’s more storage out of the box as well, double than before, at 16GB by default. Furthermore, the updated model can now support microSD cards of up to 512GB.

Nothing else has been changed so it still has the same display panel and design. Even the battery has remained the same. What interested customers would be more glad to here is that the price has remained the same as well. You can buy the new Fire 7 tablet from Amazon for $49.99.

Amazon is going to release its new Fire 7 tablet on June 6th. It’s taking pre-orders for it starting today so those who are interested can go ahead and get their order in now.

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